Immigration Law

Concerned about the immigration process for yourself, your employees, or your family?  Struggling to understand and navigate the visa and naturalization process? Find expert legal help from our team at Amos-Amos, PLLC.

Our immigration attorney, Marc Amos, is experienced in helping clients through every step of the immigration process from nonimmigrant visas through immigrant visas and on to naturalization. . Amos-Amos, PLLC assists in helping employment and family based matters to removal defense.

Marc Amos has years of experience practicing immigration law at the corporate, university, and and individual levels.  He actively assists companies in the healthcare, university, information technology, telecommunications, biotech, and food and beverage industries find novel immigration solutions.  The firm is well equipped with the proper resources to aide both family-sized and large, multi-national companies.  

To learn more about his legal history and expertise, visit the biography page of Marc Amos.  He is also fluent in Spanish.  


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