Family Law

Family law often involves cases requiring an extra level of sensitivity and care. Whether it is a spouse considering divorce or a married couple attempting child adoption, there can be much emotional turmoil. Before moving forward in any family legal decision, it is essential to have full understanding of your rights and obligations. Resolutions can often be found through mediation or litigation.

Our family law attorneys are prepared to help clients through every step of the family court system. Amos-Amos, PLLC covers a wide range of family areas including divorce, child custody and visitation, and guardian ad litem appointments. Our team is prepared to help you.


Lawyers You Can Trust

Good legal representation during family legal matters requires a skilled lawyer who understands the intricacies of the legal system. John  Amos has extensive experience practicing family law. He has years of legal service at the firm, helping families proceed through litigation with as little emotional toll as possible. John Amos actively works to resolve divorce, custody and support issues and also serves as a guardian ad litem for state courts.

To learn more about his legal history, visit the biography page of John Amos.


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